Thursday, July 10, 2014

A recent news story concerning malfeasance by an area Police Chief has been getting attention for the way the matter has been handled by the municipal oversight committee.
An investigation into the theft of Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Harry Lewis' service handgun cost taxpayers about $50,000, but officials who oversee the department now lack access to the report, a Coolbaugh Township representative said.
In a long statement at a commission meeting Tuesday night, Coolbaugh representative Bill Weimer requested a roughly 60-page report produced by Philadelphia attorney Neil A. Morris, who investigated the gun theft.
Lewis later confirmed the vehicle was unlocked at the time of the theft. Lewis, who is set to retire next month, has said he was not disciplined as a result of the incident, though Coolbaugh police representative Juan Adams has said Lewis was disciplined without specifying how.Two teens were accused of stealing Lewis' service handgun and wallet from his department-issued vehicle while it was parked at his Allentown area home in May 2013.
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 At issue is the clearly irresponsible behaviour of the Police Chief in failing to properly secure his weapon. Would a regular civilian have gotten off as easily? Unlikely, in my experience. And now to withhold the investigative report from the public, which was financed by $50k in public funds, is an egregious exercise of official power.

Hopefully this matter is cleared up, shortly.

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