Monday, October 6, 2014

The Hunt for Eric Frein - week three

The Pennsylvania State Police's manhunt for accused shooter Eric Frein is in it's third week. Areas of northeastern Pennsylvania has been in perpetual lockdown since the shooting which took the life of one State Trooper and seriously injured another.

I do not choose to speculate on the motives of the accused, as some other legal bloggers have. I am sure that any details which the shooter used to justify his actions in his own mind will come out at trial.

The actions of the Police and other agencies in their search for Frein has been somewhat troubling, as they have set up unannounced checkpoints and begun house-to-house searches in their pursuit of the accused. The prevention of residents from returning to their homes in the search area is also troubling. As is the unilateral delay of hunting season and denial of entry to state parks and forests.

If you are stopped by the police in their search for Eric Frein you should be respectful, understanding that they are highly charged and motivated to find him, but do not allow them to violate your constitutional rights. You have the right to refuse a vehicle search. You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to make any statements to them if you do not wish to. Should the police knock on your door you have the right to refuse them entry.

Understand the police are very emotional right now about this shooting, so be respectful, but do not be afraid to employ your constitutional rights.

As an aside, I dealt with Trooper Dickson on numerous previous occasions when he worked out of the  Fern Ridge barracks. He was a professional and courteous police officer who lived up the standards of the best of the Pennsylvania State Troopers.  

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