Monday, February 16, 2015

Meaningless action #1 by a new Governor.

(CNN)Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf halted all executions in his state Friday, citing the state's "error prone" justice system and "inherent biases" among his reasons for the moratorium.
"I take this action only after significant consideration and reflection," Wolf said Friday. "There is perhaps no more weighty a responsibility assigned to the governor than his or her role as the final check in the capital punishment process."

It's pretty easy to declare a "moratorium" on something that hasn't been done since 1999, and has no chance of being enacted in the next 4 or 6 years anyway. 

Does that mean Corbett and Rendell deserve credit for a moratorium, since no one was executed on their watch? 

Capital Punishment has not been abolished in Pennsylvania. It's just been pushed off a few years.

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