Friday, April 10, 2015

Monroe County Family Law Section - 4.10.15 topics covered.

Today was the first monthly lunch meeting of the Monroe County Family Law Section. We covered some interesting topics and had some great food.

Here is the link to a newspaper article about the New York case we discussed at today's lunch - 

Thanks again to everyone for attending. The next lunch will be May 8th, 2015 at noon at the Willowtree. If anyone has any ideas for topics to discuss feel free to post here or email me and I can prep copies of cases or handouts. Feel free to invite any other family law attorneys who practice in Monroe County, membership in the Monroe County bar is not required, nor is physical office presence in Monroe. It's open to anyone who shows up at the Courthouse for any of the varied family law cases. 

Many thanks to the Monroe County Bar Association for helping set this up, as well as to the Willowtree Inn for hosting us.

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